Francisco "El Chico" Elizalde

The youngest in the regional Mexican music Elizalde dynasty, Francisco "El Chico" Elizalde was born in Navojoa, Sonora, in September 1985. Though he was expected to pursue his studies before deciding on a life in music, Francisco had wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brothers and father from a young age. Dubbed "El Chico" by his father, Lalo "El Gallo" Elizalde, Francisco was not only the youngest of his artistically active family, but made his debut recording at the earliest age. No Quieren Que Te Quiera was released when he was just 17 years old. Thanks to the hit single of the same title and accompanying video, the record hit Top Ten charts in several Mexican cities. His sophomore effort, Llegaste featured the single "Amor a Primera Vista," which was followed by popular radio hit and video "La Miedosa." In November 2006, Francisco lost his brother, recording star Valentin Elizalde, to violent crime. Already a media darling, Francisco was put at the center of a national publicity storm surrounding not only the burying and memorializing of his brother, but the fallout from his murder as well. Joining several fellow recording artists, Francisco used his recording career to pay tribute to his fallen brother with the 2007 recording titled De un Elizalde Para un Elizalde on Universal Latino. The record reached El Chico's largest audience yet, hitting number 23 on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart.


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